Vithu Trust Fund

26Vithu Trust Fund is a charity organisation dedicated to improve and safeguard the lives of children in Sri Lanka and raises voice for the needy.

There are thousands of children who go through the day without a single nourishing meal. They include victims of war, which has thrown the bread-winners of these families out of work and the future of our youngsters into darkness.

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Our journey

Vithu, the founder of Vithu Trust Fund, started his journey by committing his time to identify the needs of people affected throughout the civil conflict in Sri Lankan that lasted 32 years, and helping them rebuild their lives. Soon after starting engage in rehabilitation work with the local communities and realising the scale of redevelopment and resettlement work needed it became apparent to Vithu that all his work needed to be coordinated more efficiently under a legal framework of a social enterprise – so was the incorporation of Vithu Trust Fund in December 2004.

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