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It is our desire to bring up the children from Aadheenam and EDS as responsible citizens faithful to God and man. To achieve this goal we need your support. You can lend your wings to Vithu Trust Fund march towards the future of this innocent children by:
  • plus Your support and prayers
  • plus Contributing old clothes, computers, books
  • plus Suqgestions that would improve their lives
  • plus Contributing services [medical/educational/spiritual/others]

Dear Friends,

Vithu Trust Fund is a charity organisation dedicated to improve and safeguard the lives of the Sri lankan children and to raise voice for the needy.

I had been to places affected by war after the peace accord was signed and I could see emptiness in the eyes than hope in the children. I too am a victim of war and the reality that I had faced and felt made me dedicate my life to work for the improvement of the lives of these children.

There are thousands of people without a single nourishing meal a day. They include the victims of the current war, which has thrown the bread-winners of several families out of work and the future of our youngsters into the dearth of darkness.

Your contribution, as a donor, no matter how big or how small, will make a big difference in the lives of these God’s children. Do not continue to ignore them! Your contributions and blessings can make the children’s lives better.

The only gift is giving to the poor;
All else is exchange – Thirukural.

Each pound/dollar you save towards this cause can make wonders in the lives of many and would make our mission possible. We can assure you of how your gifts will be distributed. All contributions to our organisation are documented and would be pictured for your reference.

Friends, it is a great desire to bring life and hope to these children and help them have a bright future. So let us work together to achieve this great goal. Your financial assistance is very important to save the life of our lovely children, for a better tomorrow. Please pray for us.

He CAN Who Thinks He CAN
May peace be upon you.


“I realised the need for foster parents for the homeless, orphaned children on my visits to the sub-continent. Now I am the proud foster parent of twenty bright children in Jaffna…..”.  - Raj-Vithuran.
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