• plus Education – You could either wholly or partly sponsor the educational expenses of a student
  • plus Livelihood – You could make regular contributions towards the livelihood expenses of a family or contribute to setup an income generating enterprise project to support their regular expenses.

Our children are in need of continuous support and rely on the help of our generous sponsors to fulfill their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and education. By sponsoring our children, you fulfill not only their basic need but also give them an opportunity to re-start their lives; you give them hope and belief in humanity to be able to cope with the atrocities they have been put through. With your help, we are able to extend to our children care and the support they need to re-build their lives.

Sponsorship programmes

  • Basic – By committing to sponsoring [INSERT FIGURE HERE] a month, you will help a child get food, shelter and care.
  • Education – A sponsorship of [INSERT FIGURE HERE] will ensure a child is provided with the clothing, books, equipment and support to participate in extracurricular activities to attend primary/ secondary school for basic education up to year 10 (GCE Ordinary Level).
  • Profession – A sponsorship of [INSERT FIGURE HERE] a month will support living and subsistence costs of a student either throughout their university education or for the length of time taken to obtain a vocational or professional qualification to be able to make them self-sustainable.
  • Enterprise – Choose from one of our micro finance projects and sponsor to help someone to setup their own self-employment enterprise venture to support their family.
  • TLC – Tender Loving Care – Give a needy person the love and affection they need. Sponsor a special equipment, medical treatment or make their wish come true! View details of projects needing funds in our projects page [Link to projects]We value your commitment and generosity and believe it is our obligation in return to keep you informed of how your sponsorship is making a difference to the lives of both children and adults alike. We will ensure that you receive regular updates on the projects towards which contributions are deployed.

Please note Vithu Trust Fund does not promote to sponsorship or ‘adoption’ of an individual child, as we believe this will discriminate children with and without sponsors and the special privileges the sponsors may wish to extend towards their sponsored child. The needs for all our children are the same and they are all treated equally. Please visit our Projects page [insert link] to sponsor individual projects.

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